Sunday, October 11, 2015

Spirit Works: a mid-project update

I'm happy to give an update about my work.

Spirit Works: Journeys of Quaker Heads of Friends Organizations is a an interview project exploring spiritual lives, career paths, and the intersection of the two, of people who serve in the Executive position* of Quaker organizations.

As is the case in many interview projects, the back end is often the longest.  Between this being true, along with a big life change (new dream job that started over the summer in a new state 300 miles away from where I'd been before...), I am a little bit behind where I thought I would be.  However, the great news is that I have my questions ready, and have contacted my first 9 heads! 7 have responded, all positively. I have two interviews scheduled at the beginning of November, with the heads of FGC and AFSC. I am coordinating with the others to schedule interviews by the end of the year, so that I can have everything up on my website by January.

I'm really excited about the feedback I've been getting from the heads, and am excited to interview them, and start sharing what I've found with you all, and the larger Quaker community.

Here's my shell website for this project: Spirit Works website

I look forward to updating you all soon!

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