Thursday, September 24, 2015

Getry Agiza Peacemaker Report

Submitted by Getry Agiza   9/2/2015

I have been in a ministry that was a blessed one as Christ quote in the bible that blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the Children of God. First of all I wish to thank all the committee members who gave this Clarence Pickett fund support to the work I am doing . Secondly also to appreciate the Clearness Committee who stood by me as I went through out this work, and not to forget the Friend who trusted in me and nominated me to this process, so far I have been able to do more than what I do always and this fund has enhanced a lot.

There was a split in a yearly meeting in Kenya and I was approached by few friends asking my involvement to work through the cause of the split. I first picked on what Quakers are good for and they believe that there is that of God in every person and as I went through the mediation process I was moving from one meeting to the other to do separate meeting without judging. It was a big case that had been taken to court. We have just done the first seating of joint meetings having all the parties talking about what caused the split, after listening to groups separately. Looking forward to a decision and peaceful coexistence.

We have been travelling and doing peace work, but as I went deep in the peace work, I realized that it was time to move a step towards reconciliation. This includes having meetings with victims and offenders separately and then bring them together to work on Restorative Justice, Forgiveness and Reconciliation. This is doing work beyond the trainings and it is working with individuals who feel they are ready to take the risk of getting out of the closed emotions. This has helped four people who worked on their loss and accepted to forgive. One of the offenders who I have been working with on one by one with the victim took four months but recently he called and told me “if Christ says he is coming to day, I am much more than happy to meet him since I have a soothing sound in my heart. I killed Nora’s two sons and never did I ever imagine that she can forgive me and call me his son, she has given me a life. And I feel born again. I promise God I will protect her the rest of my life. She is a mother God has given me.” This is the Lord’s doing, and I will celebrate with that friend and pray that God use him to transform other people’s life.


As part of being a Quaker and working with the Kenyan Quakers, I chose the months of April, August and December to visit Yearly meeting sessions. This serve a good purpose to talk to friends in Kenya about peace work and how it is. The funds enable me to go round the different conferences and talk to the churches on the Peace Testimony that we hold as Quakers. Mostly in side conversations you could hear friends asking questions like where did we go wrong as friends and this is generating more and more discussions in committees in different yearly meetings.

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