Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Music Ministry at Iglesia Amigos

I am glad to be able to report my visit to the Midwest. I have been working in the music area in Iglesia Amigos and giving the children music lessons. I have also been volunteering on Thursdays for a few hours at Casa Cultural Humanitaria Amigos de Indianapolis, which is a ministry to aid children with extracurricular activities in my case I am working with piano lessons. I am attending two groups with a standard assistance of ten students each. I also had the opportunity to visit Iglesia Amigos in Chicago and help them with the music ministry on their Sunday meeting. 

Every Saturday I also travel to Westfield to give piano lessons to some kids who are sons of people from Iglesia Amigos.
We are preparing some pieces with all the children to record some videos and publish them on social networks. 

We are rehearsing three days a week to improve the music ministry in Iglesia Amigos and we are getting ready to record some songs with the singers of the church and we want to use the record to promote the ministry Iglesia Amigos is doing. Also, I have been practicing every time I can to be ready to give Piano performances at some Friends Church near Indianapolis, I will be sharing music from my country, traditional hymns, classical music and I have made new arrangements of hymns that are very identified with Quaker history. 

It is a great experience to be helping as a musician at Iglesia Amigos and also to be helping the Hispanic families that cannot afford a better music education for their children. 

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