Monday, June 10, 2013

Dance for Diversity

Hi all, I am Alison Duncan, a part of BYM's Working Group for Diversity at Camps. We are a group of Young Adults, mostly camp alum, who share a concern for all kinds of diversity within the BYM camping program, which we love. 

We spend the spring recruiting applicants of color for counselor and other staff positions, fundraising for camper financial aid, and preparing campers of color for camp. Just two weeks ago, we took all of the campers we sponsor for a hike in the Wissahickon, complete with backpacks. For some campers, it was their fourth time, and they enjoy getting so see each other outside of camp. For others, it was their first time, and they enjoyed getting to know other kids and what happens at camp before camp starts. It dramatically decreases their homesickness, too.
In the summer, we'll take them to and from camp, and send care packages while they're there. Check back in later, and I'll have more stories for you!

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  1. So happy Pickett could help to support your organizing efforts!